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  • Militarized Law Enforcement, SWAT, Riot Cops, Vampire Cops
  • Toll Roads and Surveillance State Privacy Invasion & Taxation
  • TexMex Border Murder Factory (2006) & Ongoing Drug War Zone
  • COPA Coalition On Political Assassination conference (2002)
  • MK-Ultra & Related Mind Control Research and Information
    • – Hank Albarelli Jr. Interivews: PsiOp Radio May / August (2010)
  • AusTex Political Radio – Austin News & Views (2011) / PsiOp Radio (2007-2012)
  • The Waco Massacre – Day 51 / Waco Remembered / Waco, One Year Later

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‘No evidence’ reporter investigating JFK assassination was murdered

DA: ‘No evidence’ reporter investigating JFK assassination was murderedNew York Post

The Manhattan District Attorney’s Office says it has “found no evidence” that newspaper reporter and TV star Dorothy Kilgallen was murdered as she dug deep into the JFK assassination.

After announcing last January it would take a new look at Kilgallen’s Nov. 8, 1965, death, a “thorough, eight-month-long investigation” could not conclude that it was a homicide, the DA said in a statement. It thanked her supporters, and promised to review any new evidence that emerges.

The office refused to discuss its findings.

Mark Shaw, author of a book on Kilgallen, “The Reporter Who Knew Too Much,” slammed the decision as a “miscarriage of justice” and a “coverup,” citing at least eight witnesses not contacted by the DA.

Kilgallen, 52, was found dead in her Manhattan apartment the morning after she appeared as a regular on the hit TV game show “What’s My Line?”

The city’s then-medical examiner ruled it accidental, caused by a combination of sleeping pills and liquor. Shaw argues she was drugged, possibly by Mafia associates, and that her JFK files were stolen.

“The American public should know what happened to one of its heroes, a reporter with unqualified integrity who sought the truth about the JFK assassination and was killed for doing so,” Shaw said.

Source: DA: ‘No evidence’ reporter investigating JFK assassination was murdered | New York Post

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Did North Korea just test a hydrogen bomb?

North Korea’s nuclear test created tremors around the world. Shockwaves were first picked up at a seismic station 230 miles away in Mudanjiang, China, where the needle sprang into action less than a minute after the blast. Seconds later, the tremors reached instruments in South Korea and Japan, and within 12 minutes had been detected in Canada, Australia and at the Eskdalemuir Observatory in Scotland.

More than 130 stations recorded shockwaves, which after 20 minutes had reached as far as Argentina 12,000 miles from the test site.

Based on the strength of the tremors, equivalent to a magnitude 6.3 earthquake, according to the US Geological Survey, nuclear weapons specialists put the yield of the bomb at about 100 kilotons. That is roughly 10 times more powerful than previous nuclear bombs tested by the North Koreans, including what was claimed to be another hydrogen bomb at the same Punggye-ri facility in January 2016.

Analysts have been sceptical that the 2016 test involved a hydrogen bomb because the energy released was comparatively small, but the latest test leaves less room for doubt, according to Anne Strømmen Lycke at Norsar, the Norwegian centre responsible for detecting nuclear tests.

Source: Did North Korea just test a hydrogen bomb? | Ian Sample | World news | The Guardian

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They Live – Fan Poster Art

They Live – Fan Poster Art

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Trump to reverse ban on local police using military equipment: report – TheHill

President Trump is planning on reversing a ban on allowing local police forces to use surplus military equipment, according to a new report.

Source: Trump to reverse ban on local police using military equipment: report | TheHill

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PsiOp-Radio Returns Wednesdays at 8pm Central Standard Time

PsiOp-Radio Returns To Anomaly Radio

& The American Freedom Radio Networks

PsiOp-Radio with hosts Mack White & SMiles Lewis

Returns to the American Freedom Radio Network

Mack and SMiles began hosting PsiOp-Radio on SMiles’ Anomaly-Radio-Network back in February 2007 (PsiOp-Radio 1 – 070220 – February 20th, 2007). Our show was picked up and the live show rebroadcast by the Revere Radio Network starting in September 2007 (PsiOp Radio 16 – 070904) and then the Austin, Texas based Freedom Underground radio network in January 2009 (PsiOp Radio 61 – 090104). FU-Radio became American Freedom Radio shortly thereafter. PsiOp-Radio took a hiatus in November 14, 2010 but didn’t return to the AFRN lineup … until NOW!

Tune in Live via American Freedom Radio or Anomaly Radio Networks.

AFRN History Notes:

WTPRN – We The People Radio Network (April 2007 – October 2008)

… begat …

FU – Freedom Underground (2008)

… begat …

AFRN – American Freedom Radio Network (2008 – Dec. 2013 ??? … to Present 2017)

Source: PsiOp Radio » PsiOp-Radio Returns Wednesdays at 8pm Central Standard Time

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